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22 Jun 2018

The Importance of an Annual AC Tune-up

It’s hard to overstate the importance of an annual HVAC system checkup since it can help make your AC unit run longer and save you money. Being warm in the winter and cool in the summer is the key function of your home’s HVAC unit, so having the system properly maintained is the recommended course of action. Below are several reasons why it’s important to get annual AC tune-ups.

Priming your air conditioning unit helps efficiency.

Coming into the Spring and Summer months when the outside temperatures get hot and you want to stay cool inside, it’s a good idea to head into the season with an AC check-up to make sure your HVAC system can handle the overtime workload it’s about to receive. An AC tune-up will make sure each part is in proper working order and the system as a whole is functioning as it should. If a problem arises, the issue can be fixed before the hot months arrive.

Maintenance now can save on costly repairs later.

If you air conditioner breaks down, it’s likely that a repair will cost more than the tune-up. Moreover, if the broken unit can’t be fixed due to a prolonged and/or ignored issue, complete replacement of the HVAC unit will be much more expensive than the cost of the annual tune-up.

Obviously, tune-ups can’t stop or prevent all AC problems, but the tune-up technician will be able to detect small problems and know how to fix them, saving you money in the long run.

Well-maintained HVAC units last longer.

Scheduled maintenance means less repairs and can extend your air conditioner’s life expectancy. Keeping your air conditioner maintained will allow it to keep functioning as long as possible. It will likewise keep running at higher productivity all through its life expectancy, keeping your home cool (or hot, depending on weather.)

Tune-ups increase HVAC system efficiency.

If you don’t have yearly AC tune-ups, several things can occur that will decrease your HVAC system’s efficiency, not the least of which may include:

  1. Evaporator coils inside the unit naturally attract dust over time. Equally detrimental, outdoor condenser coils can become full of dirt, grime and debris. This causes decrease in airflow and can block heat transfer, resulting in your air conditioner’s inability to cool your home.
  2. The condensate drain needs to be checked for clogs that hinder your system’s ability to control humidity.
  3. Like any machine, the moving parts need lubrication or friction can occur, making the system not work at it’s full capacity.
  4. The blower components require periodic cleaning and adjustment in order to maintain proper efficient heating and cooling procedures.

The government recommends it.

Annual AC tune-ups are not only recommended by HVAC service companies all over the country, the EPA, EnergyStar, and the U.S. Department of Energy all believe that you should have annual AC tune-ups to make sure you get the most out of your AC system.

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